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Aristotle College
of Thessaloniki


Barbara-Anne Hodge
Chair, Canadian Burn Survivors Community

Athanasia Houvarda is a dynamic and engaging speaker.

She shared her life journey as a car crash survivor and burn survivor at a virtual conference for burn survivors.

Her story is compelling and she told it with warmth and energy.

She gave our group hope; her recovery is an excellent example of overcoming many hardships, dealing with pain and changes that are not one’s choice, and she offers a shining example of how to move forward.


I would highly recommend her for any audience.

She is a bright light!


Odysseas Psounis

Traffic Police Officer

Ms Athanasia Houvarda, is a confident and relaxed speaker with a positive attitude in life.

During her presentation she describes her experience, enriching her speech with recommendations and thought-provoking questions sharing her own thoughts as a young girl before and after her accident. The students, teachers, parents and members of our team in the audience were captivated and deeply touched by her unique way of guiding them through the events of how her accident occurred.

I highly recommend Ms Houvarda for any speech related to road safety or topics about life and overcoming adversity.

On October 29, 2021, in the context of the Skills Workshops and the thematic unit "𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗿𝗼𝗮𝗱 𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝗮𝗳𝗲",

the high school students had the chance to listen to an excellent speech!

We welcomed at our school

Mrs. Sofia Karakari, officer of the Thessaloniki Traffic Police

and Ms. Houvarda Athanasia,

who works with the Greek police

as a road safety advocator.

She shared her own traumatic

experience of a car accident

in a highly inspiring and

educational way.

The students as well as the teachers themselves, were fascinated and

deeply touched by the way they were guided in the events of her accident.


The interaction they had,

gave them the opportunity to think

that they can use the power of their voice

when needed, and they were empowered to be the change when it comes to

road safety culture.


Alexandra Chisholm
BScPT, PgCPain.

I have listened to many speakers in my 34 years as a physiotherapist. Athanasia Houvarda is exceptional. She literally moved me to tears.

Her message is both inspiring and educational, yet entertaining. How can one both laugh and cry at the same time?


If you have the good fortune to listen to her speak....you will learn how.

She has made me not only a better clinician, but a better person for listening to her message.

She is a hero to me.


Theodoros Trachanidis

Slow Tourism Consultant, MBA

I had the pleasure of listening to Athanasia Houvarda deliver her keynote speech a few times over the last years, and each time it was a totally new experience for me.


Although I consider myself to be aware of the dangers that we are facing due to unsafe driving,

through her touching and heartfelt story

I realized that my approach was only superficial.


She has a unique way to build up the content and context of her presentation that keeps her audience alert

and leaves everyone feeling motivated

to adopt a safety culture.

Φωτεινή Βαβίτσα

Foteini Vavitsa

Business & Marketing Mentor | Copywriter

The story that every driver and co-driver needs to to hear before

getting in the car.

Ms. Athanasia Houvarda

is the ideal person, to inspire people

to adopt the respect and safe driving behavior we so desperately need.


Choosing to turn her personal experience into a compass

of personal development that focuses

on the lesson we can take

from every challenge in life,

conveys the realistic picture of the importance of respecting traffic rules

and every other driver

we come across  as we drive .


Her approach has nothing to do with another educational speech.

It is an experiential experience

from which each participant learns important lessons that are

strongly imprinted in the subconscious  that there is no other wayt that

to take them into account

whenever he is in a car

either as a driver or as a passenger.

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Kleoniki Tiftikidou
Mathematician - Ex Banker

Listening to Mrs. Athanasia Houvarda

has been one of the most rewarding experiences,

because she manages to make her speeches

a unique experience for the audience.


Her speech was about road safety.


The first thing I thought of, 

when she concluded with her presentation,

was that my children should listen to her speech. 

And by extension, all the children of the world.


Her analogy with "drivers" and "missiles"  

was a complete success.


Simply unique.

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Panagiotis Xourafas

Business owner

Mrs Athanasia is an Internationally

renowned speaker, speaking with passion

and inspires us to see things from a different perspective,

so that we be motivated and also motivate our children.


The experiences she has, both in local

and in international level, make her a unique speaker

and even more since she is sharing

her peronal experience.

As we all know, the experiential experience

in combination with transmissibility,

speaks directly to our hearts and minds

and motivates us to act.


I highly recommend Athanasia for any event,

and I wish that she inspires you

as much as she has inspired me 

to make our world a better and safer place to live in.