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In 2023, I will conquer the world.

23:59:59, it is 2022, and I am reflecting on the year that passed, feeling somewhat disappointed for the tasks I never completed and the goals I never reached.

One second later,

00:00:00, it is 2023. Happy New Year, and hello, new beginning!

I am READY to conquer the world!

How is it possible to feel this way from one second to another?

Just before the year is gone, I count my failures and successes and get a little emotional. I had so many expectations and plans!

Some plans were very well executed, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. Some other plans, though, could have gone better!

"If only I had tried more." I am thinking.

"At least, I know what I need to do next year! Do more."

What better time to make changes than at the beginning of a New Year, right?

With that thought, my mood switch flipped!

Instantly, I feel excited and am smiling and cheering for the New Year!

New Year = New beginning!

There is something powerful about new beginnings.

I feel empowered and determined to work harder, be more dedicated, and follow a schedule diligently to get where I want. No more skipping loops and uncompleted tasks because things will be different this year.

"I will be different!"

Do you share the same feelings?

This transition from one year to the next marks a fresh start. We expect to be the superhumans that can do everything! This, of course, is not a bad thing, but being realistic is also a good thing!

Almost a day into the new year, with schedules already not going as planned, reality reminds me that I am not a superwoman. As a result, I am reconsidering my actions and deciding to try something different.

I took my 2023 year's resolution list, and tore it apart. No more lists and high expectations! I am not setting myself up for disappointment like I do every year.

Instead, I decide to do my best on the task at hand, be respectful of time, myself, and others, and enjoy the moment.

Can I conquer the world?

Most likely not. But that is ok.

2023 is here and it feels great!

So, here is my wish to you.

Be the best you can be and enjoy every moment of 2023.

Even if you don't succeed in achieving the goals you are aiming for, you still learn and grow through the experience.

That is success!

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